Feed your courage and your fears will starve to death.


Devastated by his son's death, Pablo realizes the main reason for his son's killing is Michael Hackman, the head of Florida state police. Pablo is seeking revenge on Michael's death and hires a professional assassin to terminate Michael. But can Pablo avenge his son in one fell swoop, or should he succumb to the fear of losing the rest of his family?

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Take a sneak peek at our production pipeline, from storyboard and layout to rigging and compositing, and other steps to make our dream of a crime miniseries a reality.


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From lighting and shading to character FX, we aspire to capture the details that captivate your audience and make your work stand out.

We combine innovation with creativity

With over 1000 minutes of high quality animation production and in-house production capacity, Your next animation project will be a success.


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