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Are you in marketing business looking for a good way to present yourself? You haven’t come across to any creative idea? You need to reconsider your plans and change them a little bit. Think outside the box and use 3D animated videos.

3D animation for product

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Ready for a change?

Have you ever wondered the activities we do every day, have got so repetitive that don’t allow us to change the way we do them? For instance, we’ve been taking the same route, or drinking the same coffee roast, or maintaining the same style over the years.

What would happen if we change the way we do routines?

You come back home from work, sit in front of the TV and start watching it. The next thing you do is changing channels again and again. There are thousands of programs featuring people you can see every day or sounds and words you can hear.  

But aren’t you tired?

Of course, you are! You’re tired of the world without creativity and the producers with no respect for audiences’ time and energy. You prefer to fill your time with something new and unique.

3D animation for product

What if there is a way to let your brain a rest; let it wander around?

Let’s go back in time and review our childhood. If you ask anyone about a TV program from their childhood, you would get the same interesting answers. Because we all remember what made us sit in front of the TV for hours and not nag.

We all remember Doug, Adventures of the Gummy Bears, the magic school bus, G.I Joe: A Real American Hero, Inspector Gadget, Dark wing Duck ant etc. We let unreal colorful characters fill our time.

Now in 2018, you are a company manager. You’re looking for an approach to promote your product or service. What would you do?

You already know, you cannot reach your audience easily and every day they receive tonnes of information more than any time in history.

But do people remember all the videos they watch?

The answer is simply no!

You need something to linger in their mind in order to be remembered. The most powerful tool to engage audiences’ attention is to find a way to their emotions. 3D animated videos leave the best impression through colors and character design or even upbeat music and sounds. Tell the story of you or what you can provide for the audience so that anytime a common color is seen, or the music is heard, they easily remember your 3D animated video.

Why 3D Animated videos?

  • A video is worth a thousand words: People prefer visual content to the written one. It’s more comprehensible and easier to remember. So, if you are looking for a brilliant tool to present your ideas, don’t hesitate, hire an animation studio and promote your company.
  • Limitation is all in your mind: What can be imagined, can be achieved through 3D animated videos. Animation allows you to create any sort of content that cannot be attained through real-life recording and content developing. So, don’t get stuck in a dead-end while planning for your business, manage your ideas and consult with an animation studio
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: 3D animated videos provide a context in which you can congregate any complex concepts and simplify them. Nowadays, in schools, the use of educational animated videos and games is increasing because they simplify the subject matter and grab student’s attention.
  • Only 3D Animations are considered attention grabber: Among the programs you can find either online or on TV, 3D animated videos are the only ones that can grab all your attention and make you notice. They are suited for all age ranges and interests. Even senior audience enjoy a brief distraction from their everyday life.

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How to improve 3D animated videos?

  • Get to know your audience: Break the wall between your audience and yourself. Search and survey their needs and interests, so you can simply plan your ideas and head them to action. If you are providing a service or producing a product or even just advertising yourself, make sure the videos you’re producing fit your audience and can fulfill their needs.
  • Be aware of the media’s diversity: As a business owner, you must have knowledge of the medium and their platforms. You should know which video is suitable for each platform and where to promote your videos. This diversity can help you produce more than one 3D animated video and allows you to communicate with your audience and hear their problems or suggestions. So that good feedback is provided for too.

To draw this post to a close…

Owning a business besides all the efforts for running it, requires a vast knowledge about all aspects of marketing. Today, marketing has grown so much that you need to update yourself with the most recent trends in it. Therefore, videos and animated videos are considered as the most effective tools to engage and expand the audience.


Born a storyteller, now I am the content manager at Dream Farm Studios.
I enjoy socializing with people and write their story. I use storytelling as my superpower.
I am interested in learning more and more about content marketing. I am deeply passionate about linguistics, too.

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