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The internet has changed the strategies brands adopt to market their products or services. Attention spans are shrinking more and more and the advertisers are going to have less and less time to impress their audiences.

That’s why a growing number of businesses and advertisers are turning to animations. They have every reason to include animated commercials in marketing strategy. It’s an effective way to stand out from the crowd. Plus, a great deal of information can be passed out through a few seconds of animated video.

This trend has changed video marketing forever. A well-created animated commercial can introduce a product in an exciting way, educate the audience about its features and usability, boost the brand identity, create an atmosphere of interaction and finally convert its viewers; all of which make it a powerful marketing tool.

On the other hand, the substantial growth in processing power of computers has allowed businesses of all sizes to utilize the power of animation to their benefit. Bigger budgets allow creators to do a lot more, of course, but the combination of imagination and skill has proved to be capable of being as effective in many cases.

While animation has a natural capacity for visual humor, it can be used to invoke a very wide range of other emotions. Animated videos can be evocative, heartbreaking, complex, subtle and totally awe-inspiring.

More importantly, they have the potential to embody the personality of a company in ways conventional tools simply can’t even touch. These are the very tools every brand needs to use for better storytelling these days. A lot of brands have already started to use animated content around the marketing funnel.

In this article we are going to take a look at interesting ways brands can use animation and even go beyond simple explainer videos to bring extra benefits to their businesses.


1. Build on brand style and tone

When it comes to creating a distinct mood for the audience, animation has a powerful toolbox for you.Concept design, color palettes, lighting, texturing, shading and even sound design help create a unique style and shape the impression your brand needs in a single shot; even before any dialogue is delivered to the audience.


2. Access an unlimited variety of styles, techniques and approaches

Animation is a wonderful collection of various styles and techniques; from traditional or computer generated 2D animation, stop motion and motion graphics to 3D animation. This broad collection allows us to demonstrate a single idea in any number of different ways; each with their own wonderful dynamics to play with.


3. Go beyond the laws of physics

Live-action filming is constrained by a set of natural laws we are all familiar with. Going beyond the natural forces of nature in live-action would require huge budgets and has limitations after all. But the animated world is by no means limited to the laws of the real world.

In an animated video you can totally disregard these limitations and create whatever you can think of in your imagination; without pushing too hard on your budget. This allows you to create a unique and seamless style and narrative. Using animation also allows you to go beyond the limitations of time.


4. Leverage the power of characters

Cartoon characters are believed to be better recalled than the style or tone of an animated commercial. Animation allows us to create characters that can represent brands and deliver their messages to the target audience more naturally. Many successful brands have leveraged the power of animated characters to personify their brand through character design in their own unique way.

Plus, animated brand characters are virtually timeless. With a little modification, a brand will be able to use their character for as long as the brand itself is alive.


5. Visualize complicated concepts

Animation is frequently used to visualize complicated concept; alongside a voice-over for instance. Instructional or informational content such as explainer videos are great examples of this. Where live-action fails to draw enough attention to a subject, an animated explanation of the subject can instantly grab the attention of the viewers and highlight the true scale of the matter seamlessly.


6. Help establish a better story

Using animated video is not just about exciting the audience with eye-catching art. The most effective animated commercials have a compelling story at their core; the animated universe is supposed to help set the mood for the story to fit in and capture the hearts and minds of the viewers.



Animation just cannot be ignored in today’s marketing. A growing number of businesses leverage its potential to realize their objectives effectively. Creating a proper video marketing strategy and using popular platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to push animated content are essential.

Animation offers a seamless opportunity here because it provides a powerful toolbox that helps you stand out from the crowd. That’s why a growing number of businesses are turning to animations.

The substantial growth of the internet and the processing power of computers have allowed businesses of all sizes to utilize the power. Bigger budgets allow creators to do a lot more, true, but the combination of imagination and skills has proved to be capable of being as effective in many cases.

Animated commercials can be used to invoke a very wide range of emotions. More importantly, they have the potential to embody the personality of a brand through animated characters.

A lot of brands use animated content around their marketing funnel in interesting ways that let them go beyond the limitations of conventional live-action.

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