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Advertising and digital marketing use various features to grab audience’s attention. One of the often used features is the appearance of animal characters in the 3D animations. When businesses apply these features, their product or service will be promoted. This way is common because consumers are attracted to animations. They also fascinated by them. Besides, most people find animals charming and part of nature. The experts suggest using animal characters in 3D animations as a way to increase sales; because consumers associate the brand with these features.

Behavioral Aspect

3D animated videos

From a behavioral point, animal characters are important visual tools. Animal characters attract viewers’ attention. The type of animal characters is also important. They may be used as a symbol of power, strength, or status. Animal behaviors can reflect the characteristics of the product or service. The characters imply human personality characteristics as well. Here are the samples of designing some characters produced by our studio:

Brands and 3D animations

The culture directly affects how animal characters appear in advertising 3D animations. In every culture, consumers understand the characteristics associated with various animals because they possess standard human qualities. For example, bees are symbols of industriousness. Doves are common symbols of peace. In Japan, the trade character dubbed “Hello Kitty” has become the symbol of the Asian cultural traits of socialization and enjoyment.

Do you want Character?

Cultural Background of animal characters

Humans’ experience of  3D animations seems as positive emotions. 3D animators use these characters to set a positive association between the animal and brand. Brand loyalty then results in increased market share and consumer trust in the brand.

Emotional perspective

The emotional perspective suggests that certain positive emotions may encourage their sales of the products or services. For instance, animation makers commonly use animals that present loyalty, friendliness in 3D animations. These emotions are so important to relationships. For example, American children start to watch animal characters in cartoons and movies at an early age. For example, the Lion King represents lions as animated, friendly, and supportive of oth

Businesses can now take advantage of this attitude with the help of Dream Farm Studio’s animal characters appearance in 3D animations and create a first impression. After introducing our 3D animations, our clients informed us with positive feedbacks. We constantly hear successful stories of our customers’ experience with our 3D animations. More of Dream Farm Studios’ 3D animations with animal characters are provided at Character Brand portfolio.

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