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Animation: Our closest friend

Animation is one of the many things we have interaction with every day. It might be interesting for you to know that we are in contact with animation from morning till night. Actually, there are certain things you may not know as a person living in this world. For instance, you may not know that newborns cannot shed a tear because their tear ducts are not developed completely and that is why they cry and scream loudly or our yawning works like an air conditioner and cools our brain. 

In animation case, there are certain things you may not know. Every day we are exposed to animation and it plays an important role in our life.  

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1. Motion and animation in UX design 

In the mornings when you open your eyes, the first thing you do after turning off the alarm is to check your cellphone. Your experience with your cellphone when checking your emails, social media, and photos is a kind of encounter with animation. The UX, user experience, on the applications and software development of mobile phones, tablets, and any device using UI and UX elements is paved through animation. The transition, movement, and move between the applications are provided using animation. So, unconsciously you start your day facing animation right in your pocket and probably end it the same way.  

2. Search Queries 

Animation in our daily life infographic

Children ask 300 questions per day based on a study conducted in England. As we grow up we lose many of our questions; we become educated. Therefore, simple and naive questions are not our problem anymore. Approximately, we as adults ask 20~30 questions a day. Many of our questions are not the same questions we ask every day. These questions demonstrate many of our learning obstacles or the knowledge we need to obtain. Hence, we open our browser and start asking our wise friend Google. 

That is why there are 4 million search queries per minute on Google every day. And, where is animation in this whole story?  Google has been using doodles as an alternate for its logo since 1998. Doodles are used for holidays, celebrations, events and the birthdays of famous people; pretty much every day of a year. So most of the time if you ask Google something you’ll see an animated doodle that brings joy and knowledge about a holiday or event or famous people.  


 3. Advertisements 

How many times have you watched an advert in a day? The advertisement is an inseparable part of our exposure to media. Even when we do not watch television or have no contact with social media personally, still we watch at least 2 or 3 commercial ads on the way home, in our friend’s party, before the start of a movie in a movie theater, YouTube and Facebook ads, or in-app advertisements. It seems like advertisements are inevitable. According to digital marketing experts, most Americans are exposed to around 4000 to 10000 advertisement each day. The growth in the use of animation in advertising and marketing has started a change in the amplitude of animated advertisement. So every day you watch at least 2 or 3 ads which one of them contains animated content.  

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How to benefit from this daily exposure? 

First of all animation producers, animation studios, application developers, UI/UX designers can count on animation more than before. If you want yourself, your product or service, or your application to be viewed, you might need to increase your skills in the animation field and survey the market and analyze the competitors. So that you provide the best quality animated content for what you do.  

As mentioned before, animated videos are one of the best content to boost a sale, promote a business or brand, and increase brand awareness. Using animation in advertising and commerce can help a brand to enhance its awareness, and promote its product or service. Animated advertisements on any medium, have proven to reach more audience and create more conversion rate. Since animated videos and content are memorable and fun in nature. Also, 65% of people tend to learn and remember things visually. Furthermore, 90% of transmitted information to the brain is visual; which prove the effectiveness of animation and its services. Giving this fact and the previous reasons to hire an animation studio, it is suggested that advertising agencies and companies hire animation studios to pave their way to success in their market with their business model.  

 To Sum up

Our daily encounter with engaging, and comprehensible media like animation, has been helping us choose the best service from the application, operating system, software, to a product that has been advertised using animated content. As the mass audience of animation in our daily routine, all we have to do is to catch the possibilities. As a business owner, you have to act wisely. This will be possible by choosing to use animated content for advertising and promoting a brand. In this world where you have to compete your way to success, you need to seize the moments and catch the opportunities to reach more audience and to be heard.  

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