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When it comes to promotional animation, there is a lot to be included from products turned into their 3D models with a realistic look to a promo video which is going to explain a process, features of an app and etc.

1- An animated video receives more attention from your audience

Isn’t your web feed full of ads and don’t you try your best to stay away from all the influencers? So does your customer. Usually, people avoid long passages and marketing videos and that’s the opportunity for an animated video to be noticed since we don’t expect animations to be advertisement property so much. When your potential customer surfs your website or social media you’ve got between 6 to 8 seconds to attract their attention or they’re lost for good. Why wouldn’t you attract their attention immediately?

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2- Animation’s superpower is to simplify any complicated subject

This superpower enables your company to explain very complicated and abstract ideas into 3D and 2D animations. One of the best examples is Ted series.

3- Animation takes us back to good old days

If we were supposed to choose a reason for the success of animated videos, this one could be the first. 3D animation takes us back to the sweetest period of our life when we could enjoy the whole day on the sofa in front of the TV watching animations; our childhood!

4- Animated videos are fun

You can repeatedly watch a high-quality animated video. They are more attractive and less boring to go through several times. You can simply ask for adding creative features to your 3D animation.

5- Animation is fitted to any subject

There are no limits when using the animated video. Are you the owner of a legal company or a nutritional factory? Whatever your field, animation videos can be an asset for your brand.

6- Ordering an animation is relatively inexpensive

Every company looks for more economical yet more successful ways of branding. Why wouldn’t you enjoy one of the best ways to promote your brand through explainer animated videos?

The best part is that ordering animation is less expensive compared to creating simple videos!

7- Animated videos remove the barrier between you and your customers

8- They enable you to have more online visibility

Animated videos raise your traffic and through analytics, you can track down where the customers were headed to after watching a video. Hopefully, they scrolled to make an order.

9- They give your customer a better understanding of your products

You can elaborate your services and products in a 3D animation. They can get familiar with it indirectly through the animation.

10- Animated videos breed trust for your customers

You can explain your product in a customer friendly way through 3D animation and have the trust of your customer.

Are you interested in 3D animation videos? Head to our portfolio for real experience of them.


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