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Behind the scene of animation studios is a mystery for many of us. There is definitely an animation studio around the corner of every city. Some of them are local and provide limited services. However, some of them are big studios that produce world-class animation and work with international companies, brands, and agencies. It’s interesting to get to know that what’s really going on the behind the scene of animation studios and video production companies, where many authentic ideas are born.

Why there are limited behind the scene of animation studios?

In our everyday commute to the city, we may see a group of actors and crew recording movies in the streets. Although the history of animation started before cinema, its production process and behind the scene are still a mystery for many people. So, here is a chance to get to know what is going on in an animation studio and what is happening behind the closed doors of video companies and agencies.



Animation Studio

Animation sub-categories

No matter how big animation studios are, their goal is to produce authentic animation. Depends on the beneficiary’s demands, behind the scene of animation studios they exert different techniques to produce their requested animation. Animated videos are classified into some sub-categories which all together they form the company’s animation portfolio.

Typical sub-categories are 3D animation, 2D animation and combined 2.5D animation while the final video can be used and published for different purposes including entertainment, education, advertising, commercials like TV commercial, teaser, motion graphic, promotional video, explainer video, and 2D/3D game art we see all days.

Production Process Behind of Animation Studios

There are two main pillars in the process of producing animation behind of any animation studios. They are artists and equipment.

Who creates animations?

Behind the scene of animation studios are artists who are creative people passionate about colors, forms, stories, characters, and more importantly animation. Hence, they use all of their skills along with their passion and creativity to create unique videos. One of their tangible characteristics is their hard-working. As a result, they might work for hours and not feel the time passing by. Thus, the result is mainly the artists’ effort. And because of the presence of a person behind each and every scene of animation, we remember them and feel close to the characters.

Animation Studio

How do artists carry out the process?

To produce animated videos and behind the scene of each animation studios there is an expert team to brainstorm the ideas and bring creativity into use. Depends on the story, artists start giving ideas about the character design, modeling, texture, rig, concept, composite, and environment. Consequently, this process may take several days in the animation studio to accomplish. It’s just a beginning of a vast process in the following days and months.


The process of animation production is complex and it is called pipeline in animation studios. It has several steps and it varies from one project to another. In the behind the scene of animation studios the commonly followed steps of pipeline are:

  1. Script/Storyboard
  2. Concept and Storyboards
  3. 3D Modelling
  4. Texturing
  5. Rigging
  6. Animation
  7. Lighting
  8. Camera Setting
  9. Rendering
  10. Compositing and Special VFX
  11. Editing and Final Output

What is the role of equipment behind the animation studios?

Second, Equipment is divided into software and hardware. Animation studios are a place full of graphical stuff. Animation production software is a graphical tool to visualize ideas and etudes and regulates the graphic.


The commonly used software tools in the process of producing animation are Maya, Pixologic ZBrush, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe after effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Illusion, The Foundry Nuke, The foundry Mari, Solid angle Arnold, Headus UV layout, Chaos Group Vray, Joe Alter shave & haircut, Thinkbox deadline, and Marvelous. Furthermore, for 2D and 3D game art software like unity.


The hardware that is used in the process of animation production is important in the course of delivering high-quality animation. Therefore, animation studios seek to provide the most efficient and promoted hardware. Hardware plays an important role in both the designing process and in the rendering process. Whenever an animation is ready to render, speed and quality are two factors that are crucial to consider. Hence, a good rendering machine facilitates the process.

Animation Studio

Where are the well-known animation studios located?

Many of the well-known animation studios are located in countries such as Canada, USA, and the UK and cities like Toronto, London, and Los Angles. Customers across the globe from Peru in South America to Serbia in Europe and Mongolia in Asia look for an animation studio to provide them a good service from producing to delivering video content.


Lastly, behind the scene of animation studios we see is a place full of creativity at its finest. It’s a place where many authentic ideas are born. Then they are visualized and got graphical characteristics. The end product is the outcome of professional management, creative artists and functional equipment.





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