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The marketing world evolves as technology progresses rapidly. Since the rise of digital marketing approaches, the internet has become a primary playground for brands to promote their offerings.
Given the significant advances in Internet technology, it is natural to see fresh methods emerge daily.

CGI video is one of the latest advertising techniques that has truly generated a buzz.

Considering the love people show to video content these days, CGI has proven to help provide several benefits for brands using it.

This blog aims to address everything you should know about this method to make a wise decision. Should your brand follow this trend and make advertisements using this video format? Keep reading, and you will find out.

First, let us give a comprehensive definition of the term CGI video.

What is the Meaning of CGI Video?

CGI, or Computer-Generated Imagery, is a fascinating concept. It involves using 3D models and rendering to create scenes that, while not real, appear incredibly lifelike. In other words, CGI videos are a unique blend of technology and artistry.

Professionals who make these types of videos leverage computer resources and software to create some or all of the video’s visual elements. Therefore, a CGI video may be imaginary, like a 3D animation, or a mixture of real-world and fictional components.

Since the advent of this method, brands have harnessed its power to foster a more profound connection with their customer base. CGI has proven to be a game-changer, capturing attention and significantly boosting engagement, a crucial metric in measuring a marketing campaign’s success.

With CGI, you can transcend the boundaries of physical possibilities and create fantastical environments like Alice’s Wonderland! In this world, imagination knows no bounds, and every idea can come to life.

So thus far, we have realized that this kind of video highly depends on computers, which is why it is called Computer-Generated Imagery.

Sometimes, the whole video is created with computer graphics, while other times, visual effects and imaginary characters are created with CGI and then added to the real-world scenes.
In other words, a CGI video can be entirely animated ( 2D animation or 3D animation) or a combination of real scenes and fantastical elements, similar to what we see in FOOH ads.

harrods-creed CGI Video

As said earlier, these videos are superb for taking advertising and marketing to the next level. They go viral quickly and turn heads toward your brand, resulting in higher brand awareness, increased web traffic, etc.

But why do they go viral? What is unique about them that other video forms lack?

In the next section of the blog, we will answer the first question in the previous paragraph to explore why CGI videos go viral easily. In the section after that, we will closely examine its benefits to demonstrate it is a medium worth investing in.

Why CGI Video is Successful at Going Viral?

CGI is a relatively new technique, and like all things new, it remains captivating to viewers, at least for a while. Unexplored innovations always attract attention, and CGI videos are no exception.

Through CGI, brands can craft visually arresting videos that halt users in their scrolling tracks. These videos capture viewers’ attention, compelling them to watch until the end. If they are appealing, viewers are likely to share the videos with their network. This is the viral potential we aim for in our marketing content.

As we have discussed, CGI videos have the power to transcend physical limitations and push creative boundaries. This unique attribute allows for the creation of fantastical universes, unique characters, and fascinating elements, opening up a world of visionary possibilities.

They are attention grabber!

High-quality graphics and astonishing scenarios draw attention to your ads and make your brand the talk of the town.

Viral content must captivate viewers, and a CGI video does this in the best way possible. This is due to the stunning visuals we have discussed throughout this blog.

Additionally, other advantages of CGI videos contribute to their viral potential. The following section will explore these advantages in detail.

What are the Benefits of these Types of Videos?

Utilizing CGI videos to create a viral campaign can benefit your brand. Here, we will highlight various aspects of Computer-Generated Imagery to uncover its full potential in viral marketing.

Enhanced Visuals

In today’s world, users appreciate higher-quality videos. As mentioned above, CGI enables the creation of stunning visuals with unparalleled quality humankind has ever achieved.

With CGI, you have the power to create photo-realistic environments, add lifelike fantasy elements, and animate characters into real-world footage. The outcome is a video that is both illusory and natural, a testament to the limitless creative possibilities at your fingertips!

CGI Video Mascot
image reference:

Moreover, you can make subtle adjustments to enhance the video’s overall look before publishing.

This is what captivates viewers and makes them eager to demand more.

Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement Rate

The unique visual appeal of CGI videos sets them apart, making them a powerful tool to captivate your target audience. This distinctiveness significantly increases the likelihood of your target audience engaging with your viral advertising content.

We have already said that a higher engagement rate indicates success in your marketing efforts. Therefore, you can expect a sharp rise in brand awareness and recall.

Using a CGI video to promote a product or service helps the market remember your business’s name and choose you whenever they decide to purchase what you offer. This will enhance your competitiveness within the industry and help your brand stand out among rivals.

Greater Control on Production

Given CGI’s flexibility, you can rest assured that you have greater control over all aspects of the visuals you wish to create.

Picture a world where you can effortlessly adjust every detail, enhance lighting with a simple click, and improve camera angles with ease. This is the stress-free and efficient creative process that CGI technology brings to you.

In essence, any change, from minor to major, can be applied with just a few clicks in the software environment. This level of control is a significant benefit of CGI video.

Comparing CGI videos with their traditional counterparts highlights the creators’ flexibility, which remarkably facilitates the entire process.

Time Efficiency

Filming in real locations poses numerous challenges, particularly in unique places such as museums, palaces, and historical sites. Coordinating logistics and ensuring solitude often present significant barriers that can delay the creation process.

Additionally, environmental circumstances like bad weather can impede your work.

When a brand opts for CGI videos, the creation process is streamlined, as it does not rely on real locations. Computers will generate artificial scenes using dedicated tools.

Hence, there will be no concern regarding location scouting, unexpected weather conditions, or coordinating logistics.

Possibility of Reusability

CGI videos can be easily reused for subsequent campaigns and advertisements. There is no need to create another asset in this format from scratch for another viral advertising campaign. You can edit what you already have to meet new goals and objectives.

Before the rise of CGI, creating a fresh ad required filming new footage and editing the entire video, regardless of how related the new and older ones were.

Today, thanks to Computer-Generated Imagery, you can save time and resources by running new campaigns using what experts have already created for your brand. This is the reusability we are discussing here: the attribute that allows brands to leverage CGI videos with slight adjustments frequently.


CGI production is usually a cost-effective solution for creating visually stunning videos. Naturally, depicting a complex environment with computer software is much more straightforward than using traditional tools and methods.

Imagine you want to show angels in heaven in your latest product ad. Traditional methods involve setting up a stage representing paradise and preparing clothes and makeup for actors and actresses who will perform as angels.

Using the CGI technique makes depicting heaven and angels much more effortless and budget-friendly! You do not need to pay for stage materials; no makeup artist will demand a high salary!

It is worth noting that there are situations where creating CGI videos may require a large budget, and it is not always a cost-effective solution.

However, in most cases, the CGI method is considered less expensive than classic filmmaking methods.

In addition, let us remind you of the possibility of breaking boundaries. The main benefit we talked about in the previous section is the primary reason for a CGI video’s viral potential.
Let’s move ahead and find out how to create a good video using this technique.

Creating a Well-Established CGI Video: Tips and Techniques

To reap the benefits of CGI videos, the outcome must meet some standards. To achieve this milestone, you will need a blend of creativity and technical expertise.

In this section, we assume you have the necessary skills or have hired talents to handle the tasks of your marketing department.

In simple terms, you will find guidance on managing the entire process here; we will not delve into the technical aspects.

This section is divided into these three subheadings:

  • Pre-production Phase
  • Production Phase
  • Post-production Phase

Logically, we have to begin with the pre-production stage.

Pre-production Phase

You should address all the requirements before commencing the creation process in this phase.

First, we suggest gaining a comprehensive understanding of both the target market and the audience. Who do you want to capture attention with by creating an outstanding ad in the form of a CGI video? What are the key characteristics of the niche market in which you want to showcase your products through CGI videos?

Once you have convincing answers to these inquiries, move forward and brainstorm to find a compelling concept. This concept can be successful in grabbing attention and interacting with those you define as your target audience.

This is the required foundation to achieve triumph. You must know your viewers well to create an ad that resonates with their preferences and interests.

Once all stakeholders agree upon a scenario, translate it onto paper and write a corresponding script.

Last but not least, before proceeding to the production phase, decide on the design and style preferences for the CGI-created ad. It is best practice to adhere to the brand identity and follow its principles in choosing colors, scenes, and characters. Also, consider whether you should opt for an entirely animated video or content that is a combination of visual effects and components and real-world objects.

Once an excellent infrastructure is set, get ready to produce the CGI video to boost your viral marketing goals.

Production Phase

Let us summarize this part because teaching you how to create CGI videos and use specialized software and tools is beyond the scope of this blog.

The technical aspects of this process require specific expertise, which must be acquired through lessons and extensive practice over time. In short, teaching you the technical process in a single blog post is impossible!

As the name implies, the production phase is where experts get into action and start making the CGI video based on decisions made in the pre-production phase.
This stage involves various tasks, such as 3D modeling, animating, texturing, shading, lighting, and rendering.

If you cannot handle the process yourself, you should look for skilled professionals to hire for your firm. Of course, these professionals demand high salaries, just like other experts in different fields. Therefore, many businesses may find hiring them against their budgeting policies. Does this mean they should abandon the idea of creating viral CGI videos? Not necessarily. There is another option.

You can outsource the entire process to agencies with the essential resources and tools, dedicating a smaller portion of your budget to creating CGI content.
Even after the production phase is complete, the job is not finished yet!

Post-production Phase

During the production phase, experts create a basic visual. However, to achieve a stunning outcome, visual effects (VFX) must be added to the initial video.

Moreover, sound effects and music are incorporated into the CGI video during this phase. Sounds are crucial in making any video impactful and successfully grabbing the target audience’s attention. Hence, choosing sound effects strategically is an important task that needs to be taken care of here.

Once everything is complete, the editing process begins. This phase’s main tasks are enhancing various elements and eliminating unnecessary scenes.

Thus, the creation of a well-established CGI video follows this path. Since the primary goal of using this form of content is viral marketing, let’s explore how to achieve this.

The Best Approach to Marketing CGI Videos for Viral Success

There is no golden formula! Depending on each brand’s specific situation, the excellent approach to running viral marketing with CGI videos varies from one business to another. However, we can provide you with a general approach that will likely lead to success in creating viral campaigns.

Once again, you should have established a strong marketing foundation before even creating your CGI video. This involves understanding your target audience and market, choosing platforms strategically to reach potential customers, and investing in generating pre-release buzz around your CGI-generated ad. Also, marketing specialists suggest partnering with influencers beforehand to prepare everything for your ad to go viral.

Once a solid infrastructure is in place, it is time to launch your ad according to your marketing strategy.

Remember, the primary goal of a CGI video is to increase engagement. Therefore, we strongly advise you to use catchy titles and headlines to make users stop scrolling.

Remember to add a well-thought-out CTA at the end to guide viewers in the desired direction and encourage them to interact with your content.

Since you want your video to go viral, it is best to use viral hashtags related to the concept. You can also promote your video through paid advertisements. However, make sure to check the ROI of each channel you use for promotion. This will ensure you will spend your budget on the right channels.

Furthermore, actively responding to comments and questions about your CGI video (hopefully viral) is crucial. Engagement is a two-way street; if you want your audiences to keep interacting with all your content, you should interact with them back!

Like any other digital marketing method, the performance of your CGI video must also be measured!

Analyze content performance using data and metrics such as engagement rate and brand awareness. Gauge how users react to your content: Did they like it or not?

With the analysis report, refining the CGI video and enhancing the entire viral marketing process becomes possible. You can improve areas that need enhancement and strive to create content that users love to consume.

Let’s examine some examples of popular brands that opted for this video-making technique recently.

Examining 3 Triumphant Examples of Successful CGI Videos

In the past few years, many famous names across various industries have used CGI videos for their advertising campaigns. In this part of the blog, we will take a closer look at three prominent examples.


A well-known Swedish brand, IKEA, created an ad using CGI a while ago. In this content, you will see a train moving around in the streets of Prague, pulling colorful balloon chairs attached to its bottom.
It is a combination of real-world footage and computer-generated items.

Victoria Chain

Similar to the IKEA CGI video, Victoria Chain added CGI-created elements in real-world scenes filmed in Paris.
In the video below, purses, which are Victoria Chain products, fly around the Eiffel Tower, the iconic symbol of Paris.

The Miners Coffee

Marketers seem to find the capital of the Czech Republic fantastic for creating CGI ads!
The Miners Coffee made such an ad in which an actual person opens a real door full of colorful imaginary blocks. Once the door is opened, the overloaded blocks keep falling out.

Before proceeding to the blog’s conclusion, let us answer some frequently asked questions about CGI videos.


These are the two questions many marketers ask about CGI videos.

Are CGI videos always animated?

The short answer is no! As said above, CGI-generated content can be an entirely animated video or a mixture of real-world scenes and fiction components—like a Dinosaur reading Harry Potter in the National Library of New York City!
Three examples we examined earlier were combinations of actual scenes and CGI elements.

Is CGI expensive or cheap?

We mentioned cost-effectiveness as one of the primary advantages of CGI videos. Therefore, they do not usually require a large portion of your marketing budget.

However, in some instances, when the project is complex, it may be costly and demand high computational power and a lot of time.

In short, it is often a budget-friendly approach that most businesses can take. But sometimes, the expenses rise so high that only wealthy brands can afford them.

That is it. Let’s get to the conclusion section.

Need CGI Videos For Your Brand’s Marketing Campaigns?

Within the blog, we said that if you cannot afford to hire professionals with high salaries, the best option is to outsource the creation of the CGI video to reputable agencies.
Buying capable computers and required tools may not be wise for some businesses, such as small brands.

If you lack the necessary resources and software for making CGI-generated ads or if you consider hiring experts in your small firm illogical, Dream Farm Agency will gladly do the job for you.
Explore our track record of previous jobs for well-established brands that trust us. If our high-quality work convinces you, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details.


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