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The most important part of producing animation is character design. No matter what kind of animation you are working on (2D animations or 3D animations), you have to pay the utmost attention to character design. Because in the end, one of the things that linger in the audiences’ mind is the character.

As the animation is being produced, the character design process is started too. It requires the knowledge of textures, colors, forms and all the things about a character that needs to be born.

Character Design

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Why do we remember our childhood animated characters?

Close your eyes and try to remember some of your favorite animated characters. I bet Tom and Jerry, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Winnie the Pooh, Homer Simpson and Wall.E are on top of the list.

What has made them so special?

We vividly remember our childhood comic and animated characters because they had what we didn’t have. We couldn’t fly or jump the way they did or we couldn’t do silly stuff and not being afraid of the consequences. Animation brought a world full of new experiences to our limited perception of the world.


Why character design is important?

Character design is one of the first steps in producing an animated video. Without characters, there would be no animation. One of the first steps in designing a character is to list the personalities, temperaments, physical attributes and appearance. The key to designing a character is to focus on the details.

What makes a character memorable?

Giving a strong personality and a cute weakness would do a great job in the course of animation production. Characterization depends on the type of animation you are producing which is real or fantasy and surreal. Thus, research is demanded in this case. After finding a reference, the main work starts. Your characters should be one of a kind unless it will be forgotten soon. You have to give the uniqueness to your character. 

Uniqueness of personality

To make a character unique, it’s not necessary to bring strange and weird features. Just make sure your character doesn’t look or act like other animated characters. You can give your character any kind of traits you wish. From the kindness of Casper “Casper the friendly ghost” to the humor of Sponge Bob Square Pants and Patrick and weirdness of Cat-Dog! Hence, we tend to remember characters that we made an emotional bond with.

Principles to design a character

character in animation

Who this character is designed for?

First of all, it is important to be aware of the audience. Designing a character for children is different from designing for adults. For children, it is crucial to use bright colors, deformed creatures with exaggerated facial expression and movements with music. While for adults it is completely different. Colors, movements and reacts are more moderate.


What this character is designed for?

After answering several questions about the age and interest of the audience, and content, animation moves on to the next level which is considering the medium. Depends on the medium, the style and the purpose of animation might vary. A character in a mobile game has fewer details and doesn’t react to the user or even it doesn’t start any emotional bond. Therefore, it is different from an animated promo video or an educational video.

character in animation


What is The process of  Character Design?

Cloud computing 

Some interesting tools and other processing software are available on cloud computing. You can give a new height to your creativity and be an expert in 3D Animation Character Design. It is not a character but the entire personality that you develop and thus you need to have something with great possibilities. Choosing cloud computing for more creative options can be a very nice choice for you.

No doubt that creating an interesting character is a bit challenging task and you need to keep many other things in your mind. Here we are going to discuss some particular tips through which you can make 3D Animation Character Design task very interesting.

Know more about the audience

Knowing about the culture and background of the audience is very important when you are planning to bring something new. This will give a picture of the creative character that you want to introduce. The character must be designed as per the audience because nothing should be offensive in it. People of every age group should love the character for its huge success.

Platform the present

It is very important to keep in mind that where the character will be appearing. At the time of 3D Animation Character Design, you should remember this particular fact. It is clear that when the character is particularly designed to appear on the small screen, there is no sense of putting so many details in it. For the small screen, the character must be attractive without so many intricate details in it.

Research more about the design

One more interesting fact is that there is no end of research in the sector of 3D Animation Character Design. Great possibilities of the research are always available in it.

Always find the valid reason to find the other options as well and benefits of starting on a particular project. By doing it, you will also be able to select only the best.

Take the examples from the characters which appear on the television and other medical. At present, the use of 3D Animation Character Design has spread to almost every sector and thus is not very hard to find inspiration.

Uniqueness is the key to success

Creating something unique is a challenging task. It needs great care particularly when you are trying in 3D Animation Character Design. A wide range of characters is already available no matter what you are going to design. It can be anything like a robot, monsters, monkeys, dogs and many more.

A huge range of characters is already available in the Animation world. The only way to succeed in this direction is coming with some unique, attractive, interesting ideas. Your 3D Animation Character Design must catch the attention of the audience. Moreover, your character is waiting for you to be designed in an animation studio.

Finish it!

Next step in the animation production process is to polish your character. In this stage, the details will be fixed, the colors will be regulated and all the possible expressions, models and movements will be drawn.

Character design has no end but this post does!

Animation is a novel field, you think about a world with imaginary features, you design characters for it and make them live in that. Character in animation, on the one hand, is one of the most creativity demanding works to do and on the other hand, you can give life to the traits and personalities or colors you always loved to have, to the creature that you made them yourself.

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