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Dream Farm Studios

Dream farm  As 21st century began in the initial years of 2000th a number of creative and talented youth artists who were into 3D animation production, character design, 3D character rig, game art, concept and graphic design gathered together and kicked off a new season in their professional life with forming the Dream Farm 3D Animation company. Because of the team members proficiency in utilizing world latest technologies in 3D animation major, Dream Farm portfolio has been enriched with high quality projects during these years.

Dream Farm Studios has been able to get awarded with projects by clients throughout the world and produce 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, design characters, game art and motion graphics for them. Dream Farm marketing and communications team has been able to win projects offered to Dream Farm throughout the world and deliver the output to the employer with the best quality after accomplishing the work. Doing projects remotely has enabled Dream Farm 3D animation agency  to have the least waste of time and production cost for both parties and the employers will make sure they will be delivered with their 3D animation, character design, game art design, motion graphic videos and other projects in the shortest time and with the best quality.

3D Animation Studio

Latest Technologies Serving 3D Animation Production

We cooperate with the best 3D animation artists in Dream Farm 3D Animation Studio . These artists guarantee the final result with their high-level skill on 3D animation production software tools. If you are looking forward to find an artist for designing 3D animation character, then we can annunciate the good news that many character artists are working at Dream Farm Studios.  The Dream Farm 3D animation studios team are proficient with 3D/graphic design software tools such as Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max, Z brush, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AE, Adobe Photoshop and Ai.

3D Animation Studio

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aleem akbar sk
aleem akbar sk
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