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The Lion King 2019 was released on July 17th. If you were born between the 80s to 2000’s you probably have got a chance to live your childhood with golden age animation which Disney has started in the first place. One of the epic productions that Disney made and distributed was the Lion King. The whole animation was hand-drawn and the music was so remarkable that some of us can still remember it. Now that the Lion King 2019 live-action is released, a question pops up in our mind. Has it met our expectations? Can we still love it?

As technology is growing so fast, we have nothing to do except adapting ourselves to it and try to be creative. Disney is no exception. In the past years, Disney created the remakes of some of its brilliant golden age animations like Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Cinderella and today the Lion King live-action. Whether you like it or not, they are selling across the globe really well. Because we are bound to our memories or anything that reminds us of that. What memory is happier yet stronger than childhood memories? Of course, nothing. We still show up at cinemas and try to match each frame we are watching to the time we were just little kids.


All the nostalgic sides of the golden age animation remakes apart, Disney’s remake of the great Lion King live-action has points to consider thinking about.


First of all, let’s take a moment and praise all the soundtracks that have been used in the movie. From the great Hans Zimmer ‘Life’s Not Fair’ to the queen Beyoncé’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. One of the great things about the Lion King live-action is its music. The sequence the high-quality music that has been used in the movie is undeniable. When we see Hans Zimmer’s name on the music production of a movie, we are all relieved that the music is in good hands.

Photorealistic techniques

There are two opinions regarding the CGI techniques that have been used in the movie. The negative opinion believes that the techniques are animation, not live-action. Live-action is what we have seen in the Jungle Book. It is a combination of actors, actresses and animals acting and being shot. However, in the lion king, we see the entire computer-generated imagery and characters. Even the mountains, trees, and rivers completely follow the later techniques.

The positive view believes that the production of the lion king regarding the animation and computer-generated imagery is so awesome that you believe for some minutes that they are real. They are satisfied with the output and do not argue about the lion king is an animation, not a live-action!

The story

The story is the same as Lion King 1994 animated movie. Disney has made no efforts to change even one frame of it. This has raised a conflict too. The creativity in producing such an expensive project lies in its photorealistic techniques. Everything from animals to mountaintops seems so real. But the biggest dilemma is it having the exact storyline and frames. It is like pressing Ctrl + C from 1994 Lion King and Ctrl + V on 2019 Lion King live-action without making any changes.

The Characters

Who is your favorite character from the lion king? Simba? Rafiki? Pumbaa? You may like each character because of some traits and personality that they have. They have engraved in our minds just because of a simple touch of a humanized trait. The bad news is that in the 2019 Lion king the characters are the same but you cannot feel them. Everything is so dead serious that for some seconds you might feel you are watching a classic movie. You cannot feel Rafiki humor nor you cannot feel Simba’s innocence. This is the result of using too much computer-generated imagery.

Lion King

To wrap it up

Whether we like it or not, Lion King live-action worldwide release date will be by the end of August. People expect to watch another masterpiece by Disney. But Does it meet their expectations? Apart from the negative sides of the Lion King live-action, people still show up and enjoy every bit of it. We are captivated by our memories. We watch a movie which we have seen before for the 10th time and have a blast from the past! To be fair, The Lion King live-action is a great movie regarding production and techniques. What makes us a little hopeless is that Disney won’t stop remaking the golden age animations. For the younger generation, this is not a problem. But for us, who are working in this field or have watched those great animated movies and made memories out of them, it is an alarm. We need more creativity in the world to create a masterpiece. 


Born a storyteller, now I am the content manager at Dream Farm Studios.
I enjoy socializing with people and write their story. I use storytelling as my superpower.
I am interested in learning more and more about content marketing. I am deeply passionate about linguistics, too.

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Stanley T Wilson
Stanley T Wilson
11 months ago

Thank you for this article 🙂

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