The storytelling effect on animation

Storytelling effect on animation

Storytelling is one of the most functional ways of communication. It is an incredibly powerful way to find a way to people’s heart. It can be used to promote your company and invest your people and your customers in your vision.


When we were just a teeny tiny infant, our mother used to tell stories to communicate with us through a common language. Our empty minds received simple concepts and began to learn something as we were growing up. Our brain waves matched with our mother’s. Stories soothe and comfort us. If the story we hear has a familiar structure, we can predict the rest of the story. So, the unconscious interaction with the story happens. Just like when we are communicating with people, the same thing happens.  

Every day we are bombarded with loads of information and data which we cannot recall easily. Stories have this magical power to make us remember every little detail.

How do you turn your emotions, passion, message, and your vision into a memorable story?

Stories are how the brain works. For instance, stories are the reason why we feel driving in the daylight is safer to drive at night even though there are many opposite surveyed results. We remember horrifying stories about accidents that occur at night from our friends and acquaintances. Our brains are structured this way. So storytelling is essential if you want to use the brain the way it’s meant to be used. We remember the emotional, the particular, and the violent especially. We forget the boring and general things. Storytelling has the power to alter beliefs, values, and behaviors. It exerts a powerful influence.

Human mind gives up helplessly to the attraction of stories. Our life is so affiliated with stories that we are completely desensitized by its strange power.

Philip Pullman once said: “After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Stories are capable of transporting our mind to another place, where we can imagine things that we do not have in real life. Politicians use stories for their campaigns and focus loads of their efforts speaking with the public in crafting and standing by those stories.

When did we hear our first stories?

As children, we were the creatures of stories. We created stories in our plays. We pretended to be mommies and babies, doctors and patients, prince and princess! Stories were so close to our lives that it defines our existence. Because what we did all day was a form of storytelling. When we grow up we don’t have time to play. We can’t pretend that we are doctors or princes. We are a grown-up person who has a job and runs a family.

In the Peter Pan movie, the Darling Children adventure in Neverland. But eventually, they got tired and returned to the real world. The story suggests that kids have to grow up. Thus growing up means stop pretending. However, Pete Pan stays in Neverland. And in this, we are all more like Peter. We may stop wearing diapers (!) or leave the nursery but we never stop pretending. We just change how we do it. Novels, dreams, films, and fantasies are provinces of Neverland.

The Power of Storytelling in Animation

Children’s tales, fantasies, narratives are thought to be the only medium for animated storytelling. However, this is not true. As mentioned before, animation attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Since it tells the stories the way it has to be told. Animated storytelling helps the audience enjoy some moments of their lives in different ways. It elaborates on shared desires and suspends reality.

Elaborate on Shared Desires

Storytelling in animation brings people’s common desires together. The desire for belonging, true love and reaching the peak of the mountain! We always dreamed of a better life, richer bank account or less deprivation and poverty. Animation can tell the stories of happy lives, wealthy people and a colorful world full of exciting events every day.

Along with telling stories, we use animation as a tool to explain complex concepts. Animation has facilitated the boundaries of explanations. It is now easier to show complex issues using the storytelling tool of animation. Also, it reveals untold possibilities with a creative approach. 

Suspend Reality

In animated storytelling, the laws of the real world are not applied. The animation studio or scriptwriters decide which rules should be present. There can be elements of magic and mystery. This new world which animation creates, allows the viewer to escape reality and enjoys moments of freedom.

At the end

Stories make people forget about their troubles. For some minutes, they believe what’s going on in the animated world is real. A person can fly and fight antagonists or pumpkin can turn into a carriage. This is the suspension of reality which enforces imagination.


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