Stuttgart animated film festival is an annual festival of animated films. It is held in Stuttgart, Germany every spring. Many producers, directors, and animation studios take part in this 6-days festival. This year, just like previous years, 26th ITFS was started on April 30 and it will be finished by the end of May 5, 2019.


ITFS is a well-known animation event for animators, animation studios, companies, and animation fans all around the world. They can showcase their projects to a variety of audience in an open-air screening. The festival offers a broad range of animated filmmaking and its subsets from art, architecture, game, character design, visual effects, and music.


Stuttgart animated film festival was founded in 1982. It is the biggest animation festival in Germany and one of the most important ones in the world. It used to be held every two years until 2005 for more funding. However, today it is held annually. There is a total of 100,000 euro prizes for the winners.

Stuttgart animated film festival


Stuttgart animated film festival’s programme includes short and feature films, open-air programme, game zone, family and kids, ITFS as a guest, Galas and awards ceremony, music and animation, school and studio presentation, trick films, and kitas and schools.

Short and feature film

This section involves feature-length and short animated movies which run in different competitions. Its competition category includes international competition, young animation, and trick film for kids competition. All the short and feature animated movies are displayed in the cinemas.

Open Air Programme

Many animated and trick films are presented in open air space in the center of the city on a big LED screen. This open-air programme attracts many families and visitors around the city to join and enjoy the programme. In the evenings, animated blockbusters and cult are shown. the open-air programme is suitable for gatherings and enjoying every bit of animated shorts, features, and tricks.  


Game Zone

Game zone is a place for all game lovers and game fans. They can talk and play different kinds of games from virtual reality VR installations to game jams. There are plenty of programmes provided for kids too!



ITFS provides an opportunity for animation schools and studios to come and present themselves for the real animation audience. Behind the scenes, workshops, animation project developments, and the latest news are hot topics in this programme.


Animation and Music

There are plenty of concerts and live music playing to prove that animation and music are intertwined and related. 


26th Stuttgart animated film festival

This year 60 feature films submitted for animated movie competition, 2000 films and projects registered for different competitions. Thousands of people, industries and animation enthusiasts attended and enjoyed the true taste of animation in 6 days.

trick film

The winner of this year Grand Prix is Nienke Deutz. Grand Prix’s value is 15000 Euros.


Wrap Up

Stuttgart animated film festival is one of the most important and creditable animation festivals in Germany and in the world. It invites artists, companies, and animation studios from all around the world to submit their animated short or feature trick film, movies, game, architectures, and visual effects for different competitions. Moreover, Stuttgart animated film festival provides a family friendly place for families and kids to come and enjoy animated movies and games. Also for those who are interested in animation and didn’t have a chance to discover their interest, Stuttgart animated film festival is a must go. DIY classes, master classes, and animation studios, and animation schools presentations give great insights about animation production, innovation, news, and future. Don’t miss out on next year’s programme. Mark your calendars today and don’t forget to buy tickets. Stuttgart will thoroughly host you and your fellow family or company with great spring ambiance and good taste of animation. 





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