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Special interest group on computer graphics and interactive techniques, known as SIGGRAPH is a computer graphic (CG) conference which is held annually by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. It has been 46 years since the very first SIGGRAPH conference. Many animators, graphics specialists and computer professionals attend this conference ever year. Since 2008, SIGGRAPH Asia which is a second yearly conference has been held in Asian countries.

2019 program

This year the 46th SIGGRAPH is held in Los Angeles Convention Center between July 28th and August 1, 2019. This year’s conference is about the future of 3D and 2D digital world.

This year’s conference starts with the focus area on adaptive technology. This area aims to highlight the technology that assists people with disabilities. Robotic replacement, communication assistance devices are examples of the way technology can help and assist people. With adaptive technology, people can better tell their stories.  


Great papers and researches are presented during the conferences. Many scholars and computer scientists are there to showcase their knowledge and absorb some more.

Computer-generated movies in SIGGRAPH 2019

One of the most important parts of the Siggraph is the CG movies and VR theaters. Disney introduced its brand new short movie, A Kite’s Tail. It is a pleasant cartoon about hand-drawn 2D animation and computer-rendered 3D living side by side.


Other animation studios such as Faber Courtial and Baobab showed their fabulous VR movies 2nd step by the former and Bonfire by the later.


New releases in SIGGRAPH 2019


During each year’s SIGGRAPH conference, many ell-known software companies release their latest innovation in software. This year Autodesk announced Bifrost for Maya. Bifrost helps 3D artists to create effects on Maya easily using a brand new visual programming environment.

 Software SIGGRAPH

Moreover, Maxon announced Cinema 4D release. It includes many features updates that make it easier for artists to enjoy working with this software.


Next-generation AR eyewear

Apart from the software release, new innovations in graphic and VR hardware were announced during this year’s conference. NVidia’s new prescription AR eyewear and AR headset were presented during SIGGRAPH. The prescription AR glasses display is thinner and lighter than other AR eye wears and has a wider field of view. Moreover, the virtual objects will float in the environment rather than appearing in the center.

NVidia AR glasses

Are we living in the future?

10 years ago we would not believe that in ten years we could develop and enhance technology like what we have done today. We are living the future that once we dreamt about.

What happens in SIGGRAPH 2019 shows us how fast e are moving through AR and VR world through CG technology. In order to keep our pace in this fast-growing world, all we have to do is research and be open to the new devices and techniques that CG technology brings.


Born a storyteller, now I am the content manager at Dream Farm Studios.
I enjoy socializing with people and write their story. I use storytelling as my superpower.
I am interested in learning more and more about content marketing. I am deeply passionate about linguistics, too.

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