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3D animation has changed the animation industry since its first appearance in 1972 by Ed Catmull who later co-founded one of the biggest 3D animation studios. 3d animation has changed the business, education and entertainment world. Because of its unique characteristics, people tend to remember it more than just regular programs. On the one hand, it is creative and unique in implementation and techniques. On the other hand, it can develop stories and characters that are not attainable through cinematography.

The history of 3D animation

The word Animation is translated from a French word meaning “soul”. So that the animation production process is actually the ensoulment of the characters. Furthermore, the meaning of 3D animation is the use of real or digital 3 dimensional objects and moving or animating them. Although the history of animation started in the 1800s, about 50 years ago, the very first 3d animation called Hummingbird was produced in a simple 3d animation studio to change the animation industry forever. Soon after, in 1972 the first 3d animated human hand was made using a clay hand.

Types of 3D Animation


The first type of 3d animation was stop-motion/Claymation. In this process, the animator poses the object and takes pictures, changes the pose or setting and then takes pictures again. Therefore, with many pictures stringed together, a 3d animation will be formed. One of the well-known stop-motion animations is, Wallace and Gromit. Nick Park produced this show and its first premiere was in 1990. Producing this type of animation is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort to take pictures and pose the object. So, many 3d animation studios put less effort on the Claymation and stop-motion projects.

3d animation studios


As time passed by, men found new realms of knowledge, therefore, computer-generated imagery (CGI) was adopted in 3d animation studios. In 3d animation production, computers play an important role. Today, 3d animation studios use more developed software and tools to produce 3d animated content. These tools help artists to create more creative animation in a shorter amount of time. Thus, new features have been added to the animation industry such as character design, concept design, environment design, and hyper-realistic character design.

What’s so great about 3D animation?

3d animations have this magical power to grab people’s attention and engage them in a journey of their story. They provide the viewer with the course of events and characters that are only attainable within the 3d animation. 

3d animations provide a context in which memorable content is produced and displayed. Today, 3d animation audience is increasing and children are no longer their only audience. Adults and youngsters are watching animated series and movies more often.

Are you old enough to remember golden time animation?

Animations provoke a sense of nostalgia in the audience. People may watch a show 15 years ago but today, by just hearing its soundtrack they feel all emotional. That’s the power of colors and the great personality artists give to the characters.

Once upon a December…

Take Anastasia for example, many 90’s teenagers were so obsessed with it. They memorized its soundtrack and watched it over and over. And if you play it once more now, they would watch enthusiastically. The characters, colors, story, and music helped this movie to get so popular among people.

Another successful example is “Snow White and 7 Dwarfs”. Apart from its great story by Wanda Gág, the characters and the production are so marvelous. You may even want to watch it today after all these years. One interesting fact about this animated movie is that Walt Disney not only won a prize for it but one large Oscar award and seven smaller ones.

3d animation studios

Trends in 3D animation

Today as the technology develops day by day and artists’ vision and creativity grow, 3d animation studios are more equipped to produce wonderful animated content. For example, Bookful is a new interactive mobile application for children who are not interested in reading texts and stories. Hence, animated characters facilitate the reading exercise in the 3D way or VR. This way children enjoy the story while being exposed to the language and learning.

Today the use of VR in 3D animation production is increasing. This rise has moved the animation and game art to another level. In upcoming years, it would not be impossible to play a 3d game in a 3d game environment.

To conclude

Today, animation has lost its old-fashion definition. It’s not just media to entertain children. It’s a production with many attributes. It is attractive, deep, and unique. 3d animation is one of the biggest man’s invention. Thereby, it has changed the definition of entertainment, game, education, learning, and marketing. 3d animation studios employ techniques, artistic vision, and creativity to produce high-quality animations.


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