Arvin Farm musical animated video has been produced as the Arvin Farm game intro. This musical animation is played at the beginning of the game to introduce Gaj International Publications mascots and also other characters associate with Arvin Farm game so that the kid gets familiar with game atmosphere. The game was produce in 2009 by Dream Farm Studios.

Viki & Niki (the game characters) go to their grandfather’s farm in summer holidays. The find out the farm has got withered and has nothing in common with that previous fertile and #green_farm and the reason behind it is grandfather’s senility and disability to handle it.
They decide to help their grandfather and return the farm to the fertile one through protecting and working on it. They have to take care of the animals (cow, sheep, hen, and rooster) and provide customers orders by seeding plants and protecting them toward crow attacks…

Project Details

CLIENT Gaj International Publications
DURATION 184 Seconds
TECHNOLOGY Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop, Arnold Render engain, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush
STYLE 3D Animation

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