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We at Dream Farm Studios are responsible for your game assets. We produce game-ready assets highly optimized for cross-platform products. Our asset creation standards are compatible with various game engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, or even with your in-house technology. We have talented modelers, cutting-edge character rigging for professional usages, and delivering highly detailed and realistic in-game animations and game trailers. With the help of our project management systems, experience, and standards, we guarantee your project’s delivery time as we promise. We offer assets for any type of game; it may be casual, Indie, AAA, or cinematic. Your deliverables will perform best even in metaverse or XR (AR/VR/MR) contexts.


In DFS we offer a set of game art outsourcing services which are explored below:

Game Trailer Video

In DFS as an animation studio, we produce game trailers in a variety of styles, ranging from the cinematic, 2D cutout, classical and stylized 3D animation. Our portfolio in animation video making is consist of various game styles which we have to produce their teasers and trailers.


Consists of a team of expert artists we produce game characters from the very first steps of character formation till adaption for game launch and video making. As we have a great experience in character design, you can rely on us to provide your well-designed game characters.

Game Asset and Props Design

Our video game artists produce your in-game assets with their high levels of capability and expertise, which guarantees our clients satisfaction as the step-by-step process pipeline is established.

GAME Environment DESIGN


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