While developing a video game, you might not have the game art design in-house resources or aim to optimize them. Outsourcing your game art can be the most optimal way, in this case, to achieve the business goals and have complete control over a project. The experienced game art and design team at Dream Farm Studios is capable of creating high-quality 3D art assets for your game. We produce game-ready assets highly optimized for cross-platform products.

Our asset creation standards are compatible with various game engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine or even with your in-house technology. We offer assets for any game, ranging from Indie to AAA. Your deliverables will perform best even in metaverse or XR (AR/VR/MR) contexts.

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What We Offer

You can also take advantage of our “Game Trailer” and “Game Cinematic” production services. For more information, Click Here!


Good characters are game-changers. Our team of expert artists produces 2D/3D game characters from the very first steps of character formation till adaptation for game launch and video making. Relying on our great experience in character design, we will bring your characters to life using high-end technologies and best practices.

game character
game character
game character
game character

GAME Environment DESIGN

The game environment can efficiently compel gamers to return to the game repeatedly. Our team of artists is professional at designing various 2D and 3D environment styles, which will boost the players’ engagement.

Game Asset and Props Design

Our video game artists produce the in-game assets, including objects, props, vehicles, weapons, and other elements such as trees and rocks, with their high levels of capability and expertise, which guarantees the client’s satisfaction as the step-by-step process pipeline is established.


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A Few Words from Our Clients

Celia Herrera2

It was a pleasure to work with the very talented team at Dream Farm Studios. They helped us define the needs for a brand character and completed milestones for the project with openness, skill, and flexibility in response to our complex feedback. Our team would love to have the chance to work with them again.

Celia Herrera / Firefox Creative Producer
Claude Brooks, Co-creator of Doggyland

Dream Farm consistently delivers quality animation. They have great attention to detail and contribute innovative ideas during the creative process, pulled from their years of experience. Their character and world designs are unique, bringing distinct flavor to every video they make.

Claude Brooks / Co-creator of Doggyland
Brady Drug store

Dream Farm Studios brought the Brady’s Drug Store pharmacist mascot to life. The benefits to our brand from this 3D animation project will pay dividends for years to come and will help create goodwill with new and existing customers.

Karen Brady / Brady Marketing Director

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Dream Farm Studios team. They are professional and make fantastic animations. More than that, they were part of the iterative process in helping bring our initial designs to life as we have never had them animated. They have a great eye for all angles — sound effects, fluid animation and motion, and creative transitions, leading to a wonderful storytelling process. We're excited to continue working for them for many videos to come!

Mikey Adhoot / Habitnest
Artin Smaiely

Stakeholders were impressed with Dream Farm Studios' high production value. The team was highly responsive and adaptable to changes without needing to push deadlines. Their flexibility was evident with their excellent customer service.The quality of work and the amount of effort they put into producing the videos was most impressive.

Artin Smaiely / IBCAP

Working with Dream Farm has been excellent: they are very organized, always meeting the set deadlines, and are also great at receiving feedback. I highly recommend this studio!

Ross Bollinger / Pencilmation

For years I had been hoping to find an animation studio to bring life into a personal project, and working with the excellent Dream Farm Studios team fulfilled that vision. Not only did they have a good understanding of ideas brought to them, but were very flexible and quickly responded to changes when asked. They adhered to expected deadlines and were very personable, supportive, and felt very genuine in their caring to bring my idea to life. I’m very pleased and it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with them.

O. Daring / THE TECH TIV

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