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What Is 2D Animation? Step-By-Step Guide for 2D Production Process

If you look up the verb “to animate” in the Oxford Dictionary, you’ll find two definitions: “To animate something or someone means to give (a film or character) the appearance of movement using animation techniques.” But the second definition might sound more lively: “Describe the action as the capacity to

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Who Said Animation Is Only for Children? (6 Reasons Why It Isn’t)

2D Animation 3D Animation

The Impact of Animation on Education and E-Learning

There’s power in a picture. Ever since cavemen started drawing shapes and figures on cave walls for storytelling, human beings realized how they could use images to show what’s on their minds. Later on, they figured out how to use the images to show a movement, which is the root


Using Story to Engage Audiences in Game Trailers

Game trailers are crucial marketing tools that can significantly lead to the success or downfall of a game. A well-crafted trailer can establish an emotional bond with the audience through excitement, suspense and motivation. However, many game trailer creators overlook the importance of storytelling and audience engagement techniques. This article

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3D Animation

Dream Farm’s 5-step guide to script writing for 3D animation

Script writing 3D Animation Pipeline Now that we have come up with a great idea and a perfect story for a brilliant 3D animation, it’s time to take the next step forward in the animation pipeline and transform the story into a functional script or screenplay. This step has a

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