Different Types of Commercial Animations + How to Choose One for Your Business

Feature image with three different types of animated commercial videos; 2D, 3D, Whiteboard
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“OK. Now, we definitely need to have commercial animated videos!”

That is what you’ll realize after spending a lot of time researching successful marketing campaigns. Animated ads bring immeasurable power to your video marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, 99% of marketers who already use video content for businesses want to continue doing so, while 65% of those who don’t use videos at the moment say they’ll join soon.

With that in mind, the next question you should be asking yourself is what type of commercial animation is better for your business to promote your new line of products or services.

From motion graphics and whiteboards to 3D animation, there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of the power of animation and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Before we dive into the different types of promotional animated videos and which ones to choose for your video marketing strategy, let’s see why videos in general work.

Why should you consider videos in the first place?

Data shows that the number of companies using video as a marketing medium has increased from 63% to 81%. This doesn’t mean we should undermine the importance of blog posts and text-based content, but you have to compete for eyeballs using video marketing too these days if you want to attract people with fascinating content and connect to them emotionally. The reasons why more brands are getting all hyped about video marketing could be one or some of the following:

  • Video is engaging: Psychology says humans are 3 times more attracted to visual data than dull written content.
  • Video tells a story: Whether it’s commercial or not, stories have the potential to captivate and attract customers. Great stories are great sellers.
  • Video is impactful: Video-based content is more likely to go viral. Viewers grasp 95% of your message in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text.
  • Video is versatile: Whether you want to make a video ad or just promote your new line of products, videos can help you do whatever it is you’re doing.

Not all types of commercial animated videos are perfect for every brand

When you think of a commercial, you might think of a video consisting of visuals, a voice-over, and an illustration of the product or service. But there’s more to animated ads. There are different styles and techniques of representation, each serving the purpose of a certain type of business.

If you don’t know which of these to target, you’ll fall flat on your marketing campaign or strategy.

According to the survey done by wyzowl, 24 percent of marketing agencies and brands have difficulty choosing the perfect type of commercial and thus get stuck in a never-ending cycle of failure.

But don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you need to know before choosing which type of animated advertisement is for you.

What are the different types of commercial videos?

We’ve overviewed every kind of animation below and included a reason that can determine if you should use one or not.

Whiteboard (Explainer Animated Videos)

We’re beginning with one of the most popular types of animated commercial video. Animated explainers are usually under a minute long and used to simply, yet creatively explain a service or product. B2B companies are big fans of this type of animated ad because it lets them give a better picture of what they’re offering and deliver complex messages in a short amount of time.

2D Animation 

When you think of animation, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the traditional hand-drawn 2-dimensional animation. 2D animation is commonly used in the business world and the media. What makes 2D animation so good for businesses is its low production time, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and startups. Plus, it’s cost-effective and captures attention, keeping children and adults engaged.

3D animation 

As 3D animation or CGI looks visually astounding, it’s the number one choice for brands looking to make high-quality and top-industry video content. As great as it is, producing 3D animations can break the bank with their high price. Besides, if you want to make changes after post-production, it requires more time to implement. In short, 3D might not be the best viable option when it comes to budget and time restrictions.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics can be seen everywhere from app commercials and animated logos to explainer videos. This style of video is not character- or story-driven. Instead, motion graphics focus on creatively moving graphic elements or text. It is mostly used for promotional purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Animated Commercial Videos?

Animation Says It Clear and Concise

Animation offers a full package of pictures, visual metaphors, voice-overs, and a story all at the same time. You don’t need to increase your video length or the number of videos to say what you want. Animated videos break the walls of imagination and depict complex scenarios while keeping it simple.

Animation Is Easy to Re-Edit

If you are in any way not completely satisfied with the final video, it costs little to nothing to re-edit it. This can’t be said about videos on other platforms.

Animation Elicits Reminiscence

Videos are a great gateway to childhood memories. Many people are taken back to previous experiences because of what you show them. On YouTube alone, 75% of adults visit the website for nostalgia rather than tutorials or current events.

Animation Reflects Your Brand Easily

The ability to inject your brand’s personality into an animated video in a way that can’t be accomplished with other forms of marketing is another advantage of animation.

Utilizing the color palette, aesthetic, and logo of your company, you can personalize animation. You may even develop animated characters that stand out and associate them with your business.

How to choose the ideal type of commercial for your brand? (5-step process)

If you’re still not sure about which one of these types of videos is right for you, this 5-step process can help you understand the pros and cons of each one so that you know exactly which one is the best choice for you.

  1. Know your audience
  2. Consider the buyer’s journey
  3. Choose the perfect type of commercial
  4. Choose an appropriate animation studio 
  5. Start promoting your video

Check out our commercial animation studio page for more examples of how we create and promote animated commercial animation projects.

A Quick Wrap-up 

Creating an animated commercial video just to put it out there won’t do the trick. The commercial video you’re choosing should attract the buyer persona and be convincing enough to turn out useful. By knowing different types of animated commercial videos and what makes each of them tick, you know exactly which one to invest in and get the result that your business deserves.

Keep in mind, preparing all the necessary tools and software to create a video on your own that touches the audience needs a lot of time, money, and expertise. Ads & commercials created by animation studios on the other hand can be delivered to you for a fair price and on an agreed deadline. They have the resources to make top-tier videos of all types that say a lot, including animated commercials, game trailers, explainer videos, etc.


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2 years ago

That’s great information for commercial animation and to the point. Happy to see useful blog posts about these trendy topics.

2 years ago

I think commercial animation can fully optimize brand awareness but the thing is most of the commercial ads nowadays are so cheap and low-quality with no story and characters involved. We need some change

9 months ago

Great article! 🎉 Animated ads truly have an incredible impact on marketing campaigns, and this piece beautifully highlights their significance. The statistics from HubSpot are eye-opening, showing how video content has become a must-have for businesses to attract and connect with their audience emotionally. The breakdown of different types of commercial animated videos is so helpful! Whiteboard animation seems perfect for delivering clear messages, while 2D animation’s cost-effectiveness and attention-grabbing abilities make it a fantastic choice for start-ups. Though 3D animation may be visually stunning, it’s good to be aware of the potential budget and time constraints. And let’s not… Read more »

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