Let Your Scripts Get The Tender Loving Care They Deserve

Is your script feeling under the weather? Ready to be diagnosed, treated, and sent back into the world healthier than ever? Welcome to Dream Farm Studio’s top-notch script clinic, where we specialize in diagnosing and healing scripts of all genres. Imagine this: Your script, on the operating table, surrounded by our team of script doctors. We’re here to fix, revive, and even sprinkle a little fairy dust on your story to make it shine brighter than one could imagine.  Our team of script doctors is on standby, armed with creative potions and narrative scalpels, ready to strengthen your script’s weak spots and ensure it’s narrated in a way that’s not just cohesive but downright irresistible. You can bet your bottom dollar, your script will emerge from our clinic ready to conquer the world, wowing both box office crowds and earning rave reviews from critics alike.

why choose us

In simple terms, we’ll meticulously examine your story, characters, challenges, narrative tone, you name it; to enhance your script at every stage of its journey, from early development to preproduction, production, and, hey, sometimes even post-production! So, if your script is feeling a bit under the weather, don’t wait! schedule a check-up at Dream Farm Studio’s script clinic today.

Script Doctoring Process


We analyze your script, identifying strengths and weaknesses.


We craft a personalized report with actionable recommendations.

Enjoy Complete Control Over Everything


We collaborate on revisions to address identified issues.


You receive a polished, marketable script ready for submission.