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character design studio

For decades, brand mascots have been creatively used by character design Studios, marketers, and agencies as a brand visual identity facilitator to strengthen the connection between the brand and its target audience in an emotional way. If properly used, brand mascots will bring brand awareness, loyalty and sales retention to business. There is no limitation for brand mascots; from animal to realistic personage and even objects. Hence, it just needs to keep up the creativity while using mascot as a major part of brand visual identity. So, the art of mascot design would be finding unique characteristics that represent the brand properly and even leverage it. At Dream Farm Character Design Studio , our years of experience on brand character combined with cross-functional creative sessions enable us to make sure that we deliver the brand character that our clients are looking for. We’re passionate to hear about your brand character idea, tell us and find more about our creative mascot design process …

Bear Mascot

Golrang Hedgehog

Golrang Red Panda

Razi Insurance Mascot


character design studio

Sketching is at the heart of a creative character design process. All you expect from a creative character design team would be visualized in the sketch stage. A good sketch represents the level of creativity and the quality of technical communication between you and the production team. So it is an essential component to make sure you will receive the product that meets your whole requirements. In Dream Farm Character Design Studio we put the extraordinary focus on sketches and our creative manager has got a key role to reach the desired result. That’s why we’re proud of our extremely high client retention. Tell us your idea and enjoy our sketches.

Boy Sketch Design

Parrot Sketch Design

Tiger Sketch Design

Other Sketch Design

Game Character Design

character Game

Our game character design service covers a full range from initial sketches to verified character animations in Unity and Unreal Engine. Thanks to our talented team and years of experience in game character design we offer all character styles from comic to realistic. Focusing on customer’s requirement, our creative team follow two main goals simultaneously, creative look and providing all defined standards for a project. Meanwhile, you will have unlimited revisions while our artists pay attention to all the project’s necessities such as polycount, level of details, texture size and other limitation of rig and skin. We are eagerly interested in hearing your game and character ideas, share your project with us and find our comprehensive proposal matched with your idea very soon …

3D Character Design

animation portfolio

We believe that characters are at the heart of animations. For years we had produced thousands of 3D characters for animated videos which have been used in short films, TV series, TV commercials and so on. Great years of experience in 3D character design has assured our creativity which enables us to fully understand all of the 3D character styles. Unlimited revisions are provided, for we are dedicated to suit our client requirement. We love to be part of your project, tell your idea and find free advice from our creative team…

Hyper Realistic Characters

music video

Realistic characters become more challenging in recent years as they are increasingly used in various applications from the feature film, series, music videos to game art. Thanks to our highly expert team, technically we are able to produce hyper-realistic characters which can’t be recognized by the viewer if they are film shooting or 3D characters. Of course, we’re open to unlimited revisions to make sure the utmost quality will be delivered. We love working on hyper-realistic characters, tell us about your idea and demand and expect hyper quality result …

Super Sky

Monkey Character

Emperor Penguin Character

Parkour Girl Character

2D Character Design

2D characters have never lost their charm from scratch as they conquer our heart with nostalgia and also have a simple and quick way to accomplish goals and deliver messages. So we believe the creative use of 2D characters is necessary to achieve the best result. We deliver our 2D character design services for customers who need creative 2D illustrations for 2D animation videos, 2D games, kid books and so on. See our vast 2D character portfolio and tell us about your project …

Character Development

Character design Studio

Rigging quality mainly defines the final animation product in character animation studio. Years of experience enable our rigging team to reach the highest quality on a wide range of character rigging; from character and facial rigging to game character rigging and blending shapes for promotional animations in our character design Studio . Our production manager plays a key role in our team, for he analyzes our client’s demands and achieves the final animation quality. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us to receive our free advice and proposal.

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