How long should a commercial animation be? (Data-Driven)

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We all have seen commercial videos that capture the attention of the viewer in a matter of seconds. 

The idea that “shorter is always better” might be self-explanatory and therefore, we give up knowing more about the ideal length of an animated commercial video.

But when it comes to animated commercials or corporate animation ads, “the shorter, the better” type of affirmation doesn’t seem to lead us anywhere.

In this article, we are going to break down everything you need to know about the commercial video ads length, specifically about animated commercial ads. We collected all the data available on the internet regarding video length best practices so that the next time you’re thinking of outsourcing a promotional ad for your company, you know which animation studios to look for. 

Why should we care about the length of a video ad in the first place?

Based on common sense, you might think people’s attention span decreases when the duration of the video increases; While this is not always the case, Wistia did a study on this, and the results are worth taking a look at:

the relationship between a commercial animation length and engagement

Based on the survey from 1200 videos, the ideal length for a video ad is roughly under 2 minutes. 

According to the data, the amount of engagement gradually decreases after 2 minutes. As a result, if you’re focusing on user engagement, it’s better to keep the video under two minutes. 

But does this mean all promotional ads should be under 2 minutes? absolutely not, if you’re going for an explainer video that intends to explain the ins and outs of a product or service, you might as well exceed it to a 6-minute video. 

How long should a commercial animation be?

Talking about animated commercial videos specifically, the 2-minute duration seems to be a delightful sweet spot. However, a 1-minute period promises better engagement and more chance of people reaching the end of the video. 

Looking at the promotional ads we did at Dream Farm Studios, sixty percent of our video ads are under 30 seconds, thirty percent under 1 minute, and the rest ten percent under 2 minutes. But there’s something even more important than the video length…

What is more important than the length of a commercial video?

Well well, so far you must know that shorter videos are likely to have a positive impact on the viewers. But what’s even more important is the beginning of a video. In fact, the first 8 seconds of a commercial animation is the single most important part of your short video. So if you can get the customer’s attention from the get-go, you can be assured that viewers are more interested in seeing the end of the video.

Different types of commercial videos and their ideal length (based on Dream Farm data)


  • 2D commercial animation: up to 1 min

2D animation is one of the most versatile video types in commercials today. Vast customization options and less time for production compared to 3D, are among the most important reasons to choose a 2D animation for promotional ads. 

Below is an example of a 2D animation commercial we created for a brand. The video takes only 18 seconds but can illustrate the product right from the start. 


  • 3D commercial animation: up to 2 min

We know that, deep down, commercials are mostly product/service calls to action inviting the customer to take worthy steps, rather than just enjoying the animation.

These types of commercial animations can be used for promoting your company’s products or creating brand recall. These are great for Youtube pre-roll ads, Facebook video ads, LinkedIn video ads, and tv commercials to drive traffic to your campaign landing pages.

If you’re thinking of making a commercial animation that genuinely converts, drives sales, and increases brand awareness, consider giving Dream Farm Studios website a visit!

Most of our 3D animated commercials are under two minutes, making it easier for brands to produce an effective video and for customers to get engaged. You can check out our work on the commercial animation company page.


  • Motion graphics: up to 2 min

Sometimes you only need to pass a message across or explain something in graphical terms. In this case, using fresh, colorful, and dynamic motion graphics is an ideal choice for you. The period of a motion graphic resembles that of a 2D animation.

In the video below, we used motion graphic elements, titles, openers, and infographics to explain the features of Razor headphones through a commercial promotional video. If you’re thinking of making motion graphics, you can check out the commercial animation studio page to see our portfolio of commercial animation works. 

  • Whiteboard: 4 min

While motion graphics are perfect for breaking down complex narratives, a whiteboard video is usually known to deliver fast, clear, and to-the-point points about the subject matter. When making whiteboards, we usually try to delve deeper into a product or service; as a result, the length of the video tends to be longer than those types of video mentioned here.  

A quick wrap up 

 Whether you are a company that animation is your most important product or a marketing agency that needs a commercial animation, you have to create short, effective, and captivating videos. Knowing about the ideal length of an ad video (2D, 3D, explainer, or motion graphics) can be a determiner of the success or failure of a project. Hopefully, now you know what is the best possible time frame for each of the commercial animations. 

we are always looking to get your feedback. So if you think you have anything to say about your experience of making commercial animation, go ahead and tell us which length gave you the best results. 

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