Impact Of Brand Characters In Metaverse Marketing

impact of brand characters in metaverse marketing
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Marketing, as we know it, is on the verge of transforming into a virtual space, and Metaverse is becoming the next big thing in the marketing era; all the experts believe that:

Having a brand character boosts your chances of reaching more customers in the virtual space of the Metaverse.

What are brand characters and why do they matter? 

Inherently, a brand character or mascot is a person, animal, or any item that a group adopts as a symbolic figure, often to bring them good luck. When it comes to branding, a brand character is like the glue that holds a brand’s personality to the hearts of its customers. Similarly, they act as messengers, carrying the brand’s message, value, social responsibility that eventually make brands more approachable and communicative. 

A mascot symbolizes all that a business stands for, which helps in increasing brand recognition and sales. Mascots also represent the brand’s tone, beliefs, ethics, and emotions. However, having a mascot is about more than simply branding. The psychological aspect of the personified persona is what makes it so interesting!

If you want to learn more about brand mascots and how they have the power to transform your business, read our comprehensive blog post about what is a brand mascot 

What is a brand character

Here comes the Metaverse!

Like all metaverse articles on the Internet, we need to learn more about its origin. Metaverse is a composite word that combines the words meta (“beyond”) and the universe (“world”) to signify “beyond the world.” The term was initially used in Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash” in 1992.

The Metaverse is expected to replace the present Internet and provide users with all its material but with fewer access limitations. 

Existing online platforms enable users to move about freely within the same range for each service, but they restrict cross-platform interoperability; for example, you can make anything you want in Minecraft, but you can’t take it to Fortnite. On the other hand, the meta virtual world lets people create content on any platform and freely disseminate it around the digital globe.

For a more detailed analysis on Metaverse and its impact on the animation industry, head over to metaverse animation

Metaverse marketing
Source @ Facebook

Metaverse Marketing, The Next Big Thing in marketing!

Traditional marketing approaches are no longer sufficient. Marketing methods are evolving, and marketers must adapt to the trends around us. Businesses and brands may use metaverse marketing to reach the global market. Some of the world’s most well-known companies have already begun integrating and building their digital presence in the Metaverse. 

In 2021, Facebook announced its plan to change its official corporate name to Meta and increase emphasis on Metaverse. However, after the global announcement, searches for Metaverse (and all associated keywords) skyrocketed to previously inconceivable levels. Metaverse marketing was one of those phrases that swiftly surged to the top of the search engines.

brand mascots in metaverse marketing
Source @ Adobe/velirina

It seems like brands now, more than ever, are looking for ways to show their presence in the Metaverse, Either through buying a virtual land, creating NFTs for their products, or just partnering with blockchain-based game platforms like Roblox. 

If you need more proof as to why Metaverse is the next big thing in marketing, we have provided some case studies that have incorporated the great potential of brand characters in the Metaverse.

roblox metaverse
Source @ Roblox

Which brands are realizing the importance of metaverse marketing?

Below is a list of brands and their advertisements, short marketing campaigns, eCommerce operations, and big ambitions to expand their plans for metaverse marketing:

  • Microsoft

“The metaverse is here, and it’s not just revolutionizing how we perceive the world but how we interact in it – from the factory floor to the conference room,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadelia recently stated on LinkedIn. Mesh for Microsoft Teams, which the firm introduced at its Ignite conference in November 2021, is helping to realize this ambition.

microsoft metaverse marketing
Source @ Microsoft
  • Disney 

Disney submitted a patent for a “virtual-world simulator” in December, which recreates one of the company’s theme parks in 3D. Users would then be able to roam about in “very realistic, customized 3D virtual experiences without having to wear an augmented reality AR viewing gear.”

Source @ Micky Blog
  • Hyundai

In October, Hyundai Motor Company launched Mobility Adventure, a metaverse realm on Roblox (the game platform) that features Hyundai Motor Company’s goods and future mobility solutions. Users may meet and explore Hyundai’s mobility products while customizing their avatars in the collectively shared virtual area.

  • Nike

RTFKT, a non-fungible token studio that creates digital artifacts (including digital shoes) to mix culture and gaming, was acquired by Nike in December. RTFKT recently teamed with young artist FEWOCiOUS to sell actual and virtual shoes, selling 600 pairs and NFTs in six minutes and earning $3.1 million.

Source @ 80 Level
  • Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Pictures organized a Roblox virtual party to promote the summer blockbuster “In the Heights” in 2021. The block party introduced the film’s famed Washington Heights neighborhood’s music, dance, and Latin American culture to the Roblox metaverse.

Source @ Yahoo News
  • Coca-Cola

To commemorate International Friendship Day, Coca-Cola collaborated with Tafi to create virtual wearables for Coca-first-ever Cola’s non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles in the Metaverse.

Source @ Coca Cola

The final reason why you need a brand mascot for your metaverse marketing strategy

Having a brand character is the best approach for your brand to enter the Metaverse. They may connect with individuals in the virtual world as a humanized brand representative, delivering an engaging experience of confronting your brand to your target audience and a new degree of interaction with them.

metaverse marketing

It is an excellent opportunity to make your brand mascot utterly alive in the digital world and real-time contact with the audience anywhere and anytime. With the help of Metaverse, your brand character can interact with the customers, just like in the real world, and communicate your brand value, message, services, and all its advantages in an entertaining way. 

dream farm studios and metaverse marketing

How can we help YOU in metaverse marketing?

Our marketing team guarantees that you have the most incredible commercial plan for the Metaverse. In Dream Farm Studios, we have developed a unique service roadmap that starts with who you are and ends up launching your total solution worldwide on the Metaverse. Visit our Brand Character service page for more info about how we are helping brands enter the metaverse by their own unique brand character. 

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