Mipcom 2021 Recap; COVID Impact and Trending Content

MIPCOM 2021 Recap Dream Farm Studios Covid Impact
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As we all know, the Covid pandemic impacted the entertainment industry, and movie theaters and production studios temporarily closed their doors. As millions quarantined, viewers were forced to stay home for their video entertainment. 

What happened next was the emergence of new streaming video services from prominent studios such as Disney, Universal, and Warner Bros., joining (and competing) with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon. 

While industry analysts had commented this trend was already beginning, many agree the pandemic had sped up the pace of adoption and acted as an accelerator. 


Here are some findings our team gathered during MIPCOM 2021 that are the result of COVID:


Kids’ appetite for entertainment is rising at an exponential speed. 


They seem interested in attending live events like game shows and sports events that long been exclusive for adults. 


Insight Family, A data-gathering company, estimated that because of the pandemic, more kids spent time with their parents at home watching tv and any entertainment— one of the heart-warming advantages of the pandemic.


Youtube influencers are starring in more tv series because of the rise of the YouTube lifestyle. 


Content about climate change is trending, and they are highly in demand because people seem to raise awareness about the environment. 


Since children are more exposed to social media platforms like viral TikTok videos, they are more interested in consuming engaging content than high-quality ones.


Covid also made a change from Linear consumption to the non-linear consumption of media.



We’ll be coming back with more updates about the event. Stay Tuned 

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