Mipcom 2021 Recap; Our Original IPs

MIPCOM 2021 Recap Dream Farm Studios original IPs
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MIPCOM 2021 went live from 13 to 17 October, and we’re thrilled to have participated in the most significant event in the global TV industry.  After a completely virtual 2020, Mipcom was held both in-person and online, along with an ongoing digital extension, and continues until 30 November 2021. 

To maintain a professional network and inspire original ideas, we had the chance to talk about our three original IPs, which are primarily created for children and pre-schoolers. We’re currently negotiating with studios that are interested in working with us through co-production. They believed that during the pandemic, kids are attending online education—more than ever before. It is necessary to take advantage of this situation regarding creating entertaining, educational content tailored for the same age group.

Let’s get familiar with the stories and how they relate to children.

The Little Red Button

This series focuses on strengthening children’s imagination, expanding their vocabulary, and teaching them how to deal with obstacles and overcome challenges—in a way that is intriguing for our target audience.

The main character is a little button that lives as a child and has the same concerns, big and small, teaches children to look at their surroundings with a new perspective and let their imagination roam free to create their world.

Little Red Button dream farm studios original ip


The Magical Pond 

Dreams, legends, and magical stories give children the opportunity to experience things in their minds. In a myth, anything can happen, and any creature can appear, and this teaches children that in the real world, anything can happen, and they have to be ready to change and adapt, and most importantly — there is always a solution.

Throughout the story, children will come across critical issues such as self-confidence, recognizing fear and courage, helping others and friendship, gradually gaining confidence and emotional maturity for our target audience. 

The Magical Pond dream farm studios original IP

The Faraway Island 

Every character in the story represents the diverse personality types of children from all settings. Be it the child who is creative, naughty, rebellious, or just a little shy, children get to see themselves through the characters’ eyes. What’s even more interesting is that as they begin a journey into the unknown, they learn a great deal about themselves and the challenging world they live in. 

The faraway island dream farm studios original IP

You can learn more about the story of our original IPs here. If you’re interested and willing to know more about our ongoing projects, let us know how to partner up via email. 


We’ll be coming back with more updates about the event. Stay Tuned 

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